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Next up, my first attempt at a jelly sandwich. This is notably funny because I don’t generally like either jellies or glitter, and therefore managed to eradicate almost all jelliness from the experience. Naturally, it involves Matte About You.

Check it out:

This started simply enough, with a layer of OPI Don’t Touch My Tutu, a fairly sheer (but buildable) white jelly. I could write forever about how much I hate OPI’s naming conventions, but I cannot deny that they make some pretty polishes. This one may not be unique, but it was the first one of its milky ilk that I found and purchased. The second layer was Revlon Stunning, which is really, really pretty. I mean, if you like glitter, which I do not always, but for this one I made an exception. It’s a clear base with three types of glitter: small holographic hex, small silver glitter, and small translucent holo glitter. It is ridiculously twinkly. Third layer, again with the white jelly.

I didn’t take any pictures at that point, but I just don’t like the way most jellies look on their own, and even layering them with glitter doesn’t make me love them. In an interesting note, the holo effect on the glitter was still very visible, even through the second layer of polish. Since I think flakies look amazing with a coat of Essie Matte About You (hereafter referred to as “E-MAY”), and since some of the small glitter in Stunning is the same kind of translucent shifty effect as flakies, I said to hell with it and slapped on E-MAY on everything.

Much better! Or, at least, much more to my taste!

And even though a matte topcoat generally wipes out holo pigments, holo glitter can still find a way to shine. Next time I try this, I might sneak a duochrome topcoat in there, too, just to liven things up a little.

Normally I am a little perturbed by visible nail line, but for this style, I’m okay with it. I have OPI My Pointe Exactly, a gray jelly from the same collection, and I might try something like this with that, too. Maybe someday I will find a jelly to truly love. Or, more likely, I will glower and slap E-MAY on it.

OPI polishes are available at various places, on and offline; I got mine at a Nordstrom Rack. The Revlon polish came from a Walgreen’s, if I recall correctly, and the Essie was from an Ulta.

All polishes bought by me because I wanted them. :3