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Another super-quick post, this time because it’s way past my bedtime. :)

This is All Hail The Queen. It’s pretty, sparkly, and beige.

BUT WAIT. In the sun, it shows off a delicate scattered holo! :D

It’s not a strong holo, but it’s definitely present. Application was easy, this is two moderately thick coats of polish and one coat of a Butter London topcoat.

This was probably the strongest image I got, also in full sunlight.

I think this may be the shortest post I’ve ever written. XD

I got this from a new limited sale site called Coterie (yes, that’s a referral link. I do get credit if you click it, sign up and buy something.), but I get my Butter London more often via either Nordstrom or direct from Butter London.

Next time: …I’m not sure, actually. I’ve got a couple of sets of photos in my camera, but I’m not sure which ones have photos that look decent. :)