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I have been up to all kinds of no good, for values of ‘no good’ that include: having a new kitten, attempting to manage peaceful relations between said kitten and resident older cat, registering for school and studying up on my maths for placement tests, and attending two gaming conventions. It’s been a busy week and a half.

That said, I’m stabbing away at moving back into regular posting, so here’s a mani I did a few days ago and haven’t gotten around to posting before now.

The orange is Essence ‘Gorgeous Bling Bling’, a terra cotta polish with some awesome gold glimmer and tiny flakies. The contrast nails are Cult Nails Mazo, and the dots on the orange are China Glaze Fast Track.

I’m still smearing my dots when I use my dotting tools because I am relentlessly impatient.

As you can see, Mazo is very sheer, and a lot more cream-colored than I initially expected when I ordered it. The gold shine is really lovely in person, though.

I hated this mani after I painted the main and accents. The colors didn’t please me at all. Hence the dots. Adding some contrast saved it for me, though I will admit that it’s still not my favorite one ever.

Two coats of the Essence polish, three of the Cult Nails, plus Butter London PDQuick topcoat for shine and smoothing.

I bought Gorgeous Bling Bling (ugh, what a name) at a Fred Meyer, but you can probably find it at a local Ulta, and I buy my Cult polishes straight from Cult Nails, generally. I love them; they aren’t quite as 100% flawless as some other companies I might name, but they’re at least 95% perfect, and have an amazing hand with subtle shimmers, which I love.

I’ve gotten quite a mass of nailmail in recently, so I’ve got kind of a backlog of polishes to show you. In the near future, you can look forward to some new indie topcoats (Lilacquer is at it again!), some swag from drugstores, and some more Cults. Whee~!

Would you like to see some pictures of the kitten who has been such a distraction lately? I can do that, too. ;)


Blue and bronze: book-version Ravenclaw colors. One might argue that OPI Warm & Fozzie is more like gold/copper, but isn’t that a pretty decent description of bronze? ;D I didn’t actually plan it to be a themed mani, though. I just thought these two colors would look nice together.

The blue is another Ulta mini from the Paint the Town set — Nauti-cal but Nice. It’s a very deep blue with a very subtle teal shimmer, so subtle that you cannot see it in the bottle, only in very direct light on the nail. This is two coats. There is a topcoat on it, a sweet purple/blue/green glimmering confection that I’m not entirely sure how to talk about, as it was a gift-with-purchase, and as far as I know, doesn’t have a name yet.

Warm & Fozzie is gorgeous, a flecky, dense glittery beast with a mild duochrome effect (copper to gold, with hints of green at extreme angles) in a smoky brown sheer base. This is two coats; the first was translucent and streaky, and the second was pretty much perfect. A third coat might have given me a little more depth, but my experiences with other polishes like this (MAC Bad Fairy, ORLY Space Cadet, etc.) made me a little leery of drying time.

Nauti-cal had a fairly lousy formula and  wore terribly. Even with a topcoat, I had minor tipwear after a couple of hours. You can see it on both hands. It’s a nice color, but I’m not sad that I only have a mini, and I probably won’t wear it that often, though I might seek out other colors in a similar family. I don’t have anything else quite like this — it’s darker than most of the other blues (Revlon Royal, ORLY Royal Navy) I have, and more decisively blue than some of the other dark bluish shades in my collection (Zoya Cynthia, Nails Inc. Kensington, both are much more teal and neither has shimmer). On the plus side, however, it did not stain, though I do always use a basecoat, so that may affect my results.

Ayup. It was fun to wear. The blue started chipping, but I’m betting Warm & Fozzie would have worn pretty well for another couple of days. I’m happy to have it in my collection, and will be wearing it again with glee, especially as we shift towards autumn.

The Ulta polish was bought at *gasp* Ulta, and the OPI was purchased via a blogsale. It’s discontinued, from the Muppets collection last year, but you can still find it for sale at various places around the web. The glittery topcoat on the blue is an unreleased promo from Lilacquer, but I imagine you’ll probably see it, or something similar to it, sometime in the next while. :) I know I’m looking forward to seeing what her next theme is! :D

Bonus image of a different mani under the cut — RBL Jane and my first attempt at a newspaper accent nail.
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…because sometimes, the name of the polish is the best description.

This chappie is wicked amazing. This is the first of two bottles that I purchased from Lilacquer‘s newest collection, which is themed around The Fifth Element — Zorg Industries. For the accent nail I used one coat of Pretty & Polished Toy With Me, which I love and seems to be frequently unavailable. I would love to get my grimy little mitts on a larger-than-mini-bottle of it, but I’m not sure they exist. It’s almost enough to make me want to start frankening in an attempt to make something like it. But I digress. Let us speak more of Zorg.

I have a kind of thing for gray polishes, and this is an exceptionally lovely polish. It is a slightly dirtied-up gray with a greenish-turquoisey-bluish-aqua duochrome effect. In certain lights it looks sea green, and in others silvery-blue. The listing describes it as a topcoat, and to be certain, you could use it as one, especially layered over a dark color, but all of these images are only two coats and are fully opaque. I actually had intentions to attempt to use it in a sandwich of some sort, as I was expecting something more translucent, but it didn’t happen. I am not displeased.

Rather, very pleased. I cannot understate how much I love colors in this family, though everything I have currently run more to the silver and most of them have pink and green shimmer. This is very different, the base is murkier and ashier. Loook at iiiiit. It is lovely.

So, Toy With Me — it’s a matte, lightly duochrome (lavender/pink-to-green) topcoat with matching glitter. You can make it opaque in around four coats, but given that I’ve only seen it in mini-bottles, it’s far more effective to find something to layer it over. I like it a lot in combination with Zorg. I keep wanting to yell it instead of just reading it. ZOOOOORGGGG.

Indoors! Green! For both Zorg and Toy With Me!

check out my permanently rumpled hands! I've been told it's a sign that I'm a worrier. :)

I enjoyed wearing this; it lasted for about three days before the tipwear started getting to me, but probably would have lasted longer with a topcoat.

I bought Zorg Industries from Lilacquer’s etsy shop, as always, and Toy With Me from Pretty & Polished, who is also being stocked at Llarowe.

Hoo hoo hoo. I am super stressed out right now, but that does not mean that I have not had time to do my nails. This may be not always be a good thing, as sometimes I come up with some terrible, terrible ideas. This was not so bad, but it was preceded by, well. You’ll see, safely under a cut.

HITS no Olimpo Hermes and Rimmel Night Life — lovely golden linear holo and fascinating brown-taupe-that-looks-purplish-in-certain-lights with a rather gorgeous copper-gold-red shimmer.

I like the way they look together. Observe the shimmer on the bottle. It’s a bit more subtle on the nail, but not that much.

Rrrrrainbow!  Also, Night Life displaying a bit more gold. That’s three coats of Hermes and two of Night Life. Next time I wear Hermes, I might consider using a base, as it goes quick. The bottle’s not huge, and if you mung up your mani three times as I did, well, you may draw an unlovely picture from there. The Rimmel was streaky in one coat and good in two.

I’m still really enjoying the double-accent manicure look. I’ll get ’round to something else sooner or later, but there are a lot of things that are currently popular that I just don’t particularly groove on, or, alternately, haven’t got the supplies to attempt.

Please note that I will never attempt ‘caviar nails’, because I think they are terrible. Flocked nails, likewise. I give such things sideways glowers.

Mind you, this does not prevent me from some hilarious things — see beneath the cut for a painfully bad one-hand mani.

Hermes was bought at Llarowe. The Rimmel was another present from the fantabulous U. ;D

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It’s hard not to love holos. I don’t have many (yet), but they’re so much fun to wear. This time I picked a couple of scattered holos — OPI DS Illuminate and a-England Dragon.

Illuminate is a coppery-brown with a rather chunky holo effect and a green sheen. Dragon is a lovely scaly green with a golden shimmer and finer holo.

Both are smooth and easy to apply, shown is two coats of each, but Dragon could nearly have gotten away with just one. Like most holos, they remove easily as well.

Indoors, you can see the green on Illuminate a little better.

As well as the gold on Dragon.

The OPI was gifted to me by the U. the Great and Terrible (and rad), and Dragon was bought at Llarowe.