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Again with the boring titles. Pshaw. WHATEVER, this polish is amazing. Meet Enchanted Nails Across the Universe. :D

I am a Beatles fan, and have been since I was a tot, so when I learned that there was a company making Beatles-named polishes, and that some of them were duo/multichrome, and that they were holographics, I may have flipped my lid ever so politely. Three great things that, in my opinion, come together beautifully.

The base is blue, though the exact shade is a little difficult to pin down, as it shifts depending on the lighting. Sometimes it’s close to navy, and others it appears more peacock. This photo was taken in bright sunlight. Kindly observe the rainbow gleam on the bottle. In the wild, this polish — eh?

More towards the purple/red-violet side of the spectrum here but still with a beautiful quasi-linear holo gleam. You’ve probably noticed by now that I have a penchant for purple/blue duochromes. My two favorite colors, and they are so delicious together. Mmm.

It’s painfully difficult to photograph the rosy-copper gleam that Across the Universe displays, but you can begin to see it on my index finger. All of these photos were two coats of Across the Universe, no top coat. The application was stellar and required minimal cleanup.

Navy! Rainbows! AAAAGHHH AMAZING. …sorry. :)

I bought this gorgeous fellow at Llarowe, though it and its cousins Hey Jude & Octopus’s Garden are currently out of stock. They’ll be back, though. Most of Enchanted’s polishes are being discontinued soon, but those guys are considered semi-permanent collection. Thankfully.