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I thought about copper or red, but it was gray outside the window and I needed a pep-up, so I ended up with turquoise with a color shifting topcoat. Oh you guys. You guys.

Check this out:

Colors used are Julep Miranda (two coats) and one moderately heavy coat of Lilacquer Polishes Kitsune on top. On the ring fingers, I also used a single coat of Essie Matte About You because I was curious if it would look neat. It did, and still showed the duochrome. BONUS.

This one was out in the sunshine, and is the most color-accurate image. Miranda is a lovely deep aqua polish — I would have punched myself in the side of the head about ten years ago, had I heard myself say such things; how tastes change! — with a creme finish. Kitsune is a clear-based, color-shifting, sparkly topcoat that goes from gold and orange/red to green. It’s gorgeous and incredibly versatile, as it doesn’t change the color of your base nail polish at all.

I think Kitsune would layer beautifully over almost anything, but these kinds of topcoats are known for looking especially striking over black or other dark colors. I’ve got a couple of very pretty dark purples I might try later.

I am relatively unrepentant about my obsession with matte-ifying polishes. Pretty much anything except a holo is fair game by me. Holo glitter isn’t exempt, however, as you will see in a couple of days. :3

Now, the day after I did this, I was due to have the sort of dinner that gets capitalized: A Really Nice Dinner, with nice clothes and moderately decent table manners and everything. Aqua nail polish? Not terribly appropriate. Naturally, I ran out of time to redo my nails (and not incidentally, ran out of polish remover), so I had to do a very quick alteration. I layered on one coat of Zoya Jules, a taupey gold, and then more Essie Matte About You and the thing ended up being a bit like old gold and rather cool, if somewhat thick and lumpy in spots. Still, it toned down the mani considerably and matched my hair accessory, so I was pleased.


Julep polishes are available on their website here, though I’ve also seen them recently at Sephora. (I bought mine from a friend, as Miranda is no longer available on the website. ^_^) Lilacquer polishes are available on Etsy.

All polishes were purchased by me with intent to use them in ordinary ways.