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Pastels make me happy sometimes. Okay, frequently. Especially when they remind me of ice cream, and not just any old ice cream, but spumoni. I could have made it more like spumoni by adding, perhaps, a light amount of pink glitter to the pink nails and including a milky brown nail for the chocolate, but pshaw. This was quite pretty enough on its own.

The two main polishes here are OPI Where’s My Bikini Top and First Names Only. These are from the current crop of Ulta exclusives, but are actually straight-up renames of, respectively, Stranger Tides and Steady As She Rose from the Pirates of the Caribbean collection last year. Where’s My…/Stranger Tides is a mildly pistachio-esque, pleasantly dusty pale green, and First Names/Steady As is the cool light pink; both are cremes, both had reasonably good coverage. I used two coats of each color over a Revlon basecoat, and, much to my dismay, these OPIs did not play well with it at all. Shrinkage started almost before they were dry, and they started chipping around the edges after less than a day.

The sparkle topcoat is Zoya Glimmer. It’s a silver and gold shimmer in a slightly peachy translucent base. I’ve seen people use this for a full mani, but I think it’s really best used over other colors. It did alter the color of the base slightly, making it slightly more warm. Compare the nails on my left hand (green shimmer, pink matte accents), with my right (pink shimmer, green matte). I think it’s more noticeable on the pink; without Glimmer, it’s cooler and with it trends slightly more peachy.

Pistachio and cherry ice cream. This is entirely what this reminded me of, soft and creamy and suddenly I want spaghetti. Check out the chipping action on the side of my index finger there. I cannot recommend the Revlon quick-dry basecoat with OPI, or at least, -these- OPI polishes. It has worked reasonably well with other brands, especially other drugstore brands, however.

Sparkly! Did I mention that I’ve had a full relapse into my matte-ifying ways? Well, I have. Oh, Matte About You, why are you so amazing? I have no good answer for this, but I certainly do love it.

Funny story — the ring finger on this hand actually had a different base coat because I dinged it badly enough that it needed repainting. Can you see how much less shrinkage there is on that finger? All the others just look slightly lumpy at the edges, but not that one.
The two OPI polishes I bought at Ulta, as you might expect, although I’ve seen the original releases with the Pirates names at the Nordstrom Rack recently. The Zoya was purchased from Zoya.


It’s hard not to love holos. I don’t have many (yet), but they’re so much fun to wear. This time I picked a couple of scattered holos — OPI DS Illuminate and a-England Dragon.

Illuminate is a coppery-brown with a rather chunky holo effect and a green sheen. Dragon is a lovely scaly green with a golden shimmer and finer holo.

Both are smooth and easy to apply, shown is two coats of each, but Dragon could nearly have gotten away with just one. Like most holos, they remove easily as well.

Indoors, you can see the green on Illuminate a little better.

As well as the gold on Dragon.

The OPI was gifted to me by the U. the Great and Terrible (and rad), and Dragon was bought at Llarowe.

(Click here for a semi-explanation of the title of this post because you are probably not a Buck-Tick fan, unless you are, in which case you are probably giggling right now. Otherwise, accept that I am a fan of a Japanese rock band, enjoy bad jokes, and go on and look at the pretty pictures.)

Seriously, people, these are ridiculous. They’re prone to brushstrokes, smell vile during application, and have possibly the worst brushes I’ve had the misfortune to encounter (especially Cool), but they are gorgeous.

There are only two polishes in this picture, people. Two.

I wore them for two entire days and had a little difficulty wanting to take them off even after that long, so I must have really enjoyed wearing them. Admission: I did spend most of today with them matte’ified, but I didn’t take pictures because I am trying to wean myself off the E-MAY, so you will have to take my word for it that they were beautiful like that, too.

The purple/red/blue one is HITS Mari Moon Dreamer, and the teal/green/khaki one is HITS Mari Moon Cool. On my left hand, I did Cool with two Dreamer accent nails, and reversed it on the right. All nails were three moderate coats plus Butter London Hardwear P.D. Quick topcoat.

There really are only two polishes visible in this entire post. They just have EXTREEEEEME DUOCHROME AAAAACTION going on. Dreamer more than Cool, but Cool still had some pretty intense shifts.

Both of these were gifts via the outstanding U., who is not so fond of duochromes as I am. They are, however, available for sale at Llarowe and Ninja Polish.

There are eight more pictures beneath the cut, because four images were just not enough.
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Also known as a picspam post of nails that I enjoyed, but which either didn’t get enough satisfactory photos to justify their own post, or I found too boring to talk about at length. It will give you insight into exactly how out-of-order some of my posts are. :)

I started with this, on June 29th:

That’s two coats of OPI My Private Jet (the brownish version) on the dark nails and one coat (!) of MAC Earthly Harmony as an accent. It was a pretty decent manicure; lasted about a day, wore well with my clothes, etc. I was incredibly impressed by the MAC polish — smooth, even, easily controlled. It made a great contrast to my other experiences with the brand.

When I checked the mail that evening, I discovered that I’d received some new toys and could not possibly wait to play with them.

Same mani, but with two layers of Glitter Gal Shade Shifters Soft Hidden Violet on the main fingers and GG SS Soft Daybreak on the accent. This photographed horribly. It was really lovely in person, and the duochrome is beautiful on both colors. Sadly, the light was unkind, or perhaps my photography is really that sad.

That mani lasted about six hours. Late that night, tired of looking at tipwear/shrinkage, I redid my nails entirely as the pale gold/pink look I posted a couple of days ago. After that came the polka dots I posted on the fourth (actually completed on the third), and then I could not deal with the spots after wearing them four about five hours and did this:

This was initially just BB Couture Award Medal and Layla Magnetic Purple Galaxy. My first magnetic experience was underwhelming, though the polish itself was actually pretty nice. I wore this overnight and hated looking at it in the morning, so I thought I’d see if I could add things until I liked it again. The BB got a topcoat of Lilacquer Lycanthrope (green-gold duochrome sparkly topcoat w/a clear base, very lovely) and the Layla first got three coats of Pretty and Polished Wine Night Out, then an additional topcoat of Lilacquer Bakeneko.

One more to show off Lycanthrope’s lovely green and gold shimmer:

But even with beautiful topcoats I still hated the gold and purple combo, so I wiped it out and redid my nails entirely.

This is how my manicures work at the moment; with a suddenly expanded collection and propensity for getting bored with my nails within hours of doing them, I change things up faster than I post. Be proud of me, though — there’s no matte in this post. ;D Also, I acquired a bottle of acetone and a cheap brush and am learning how to do proper cleanup! Go me! Next step: wrapping the tips. Hm.

All of these except the two indies and Glitter Gals were gifted to me by the mesmerizing U. The GG’s were purchased at Llarowe, where they are currently on sale, and Beautometry, where they are not. Lilacquer sells on Etsy, as does Pretty & Polished, though P&P will also be turning up on Llarowe soon.

In two days, I’ll be talking about a pair of superlative duo/multichromes — Hits Mari Moon Cool & Dreamer.

(ETA, 9/16: If you’re just looking for swatches of Sloane Ranger, I’ve got some better ones up here, now. :) Otherwise, thanks for visiting!)

I like painting my nails multiple colors, especially when I get new polishes. Isn’t that a common feeling, though? You get a new thing and you immediately want to play with it. I do this all the time, with art supplies and games and perfumes. Delightful.

I took a trip to San Francisco last week, and on the way back discovered that there was a Butter London salon in Sea-Tac airport. Neat! They had a couple of new colors that caught my eye: Lillibet’s Jubilee, a lavender-silver metallic foil, and Sloane Ranger, which is a rather fantastic khaki-green creme with a very slight silver shimmer. I haven’t worn Lillibet’s Jubilee yet. It’s intense, and I haven’t quite been in the mood. Sloane Ranger, however — yes, please!

I can never quite resist wearing as many shades of polish as I can get away with on any given day. I feel a bit bored if I don’t have at least a single contrast (or accent, as you prefer) nail, so here’s Sloane Ranger (two coats) on three nails, plus a nail with one coat of Sloane Ranger and one coat of Zoya Ki, a dark green/purple duochrome, and one with Sloane and two coats of Butter London Knackered, a sweet lavender/green/blue duo/multichrome with bits of holographic glitter.

Sloane Ranger trends towards the grayish in certain lights, but is really more khaki than my camera/light quality was permitting. Everything was gray for most of today. Feh. At certain angles it looked like I was wearing three green polishes. This is the wonder of duochromes.

Ayup, I have managed to dent my nails already. I am truly awful about that, actually. In order to actually photograph my nails perfectly, I’d probably have to have someone else do it right after I’d finished one hand. I’m very tough on my hands, as well as terminally impatient about letting them dry properly. Here Ki is looking a bit more greenish.

Showing off the shift. Check out how green both Ki and Knackered look at the top of the nail, compared with how respectively purple and bluish they are at the tips. You can see a bit of the silver shimmer in the bottle of Sloane Ranger; it’s really very subtle. One might even say nigh on invisible.

And here you get to see the purple side of my duochromes, plus some of that glorious holosparkle.

It is worth noting at this point that I will probably never have anything to say about wear time on this blog, as I almost never wear the same polish for more than a day or two. Likewise, I’ll leave serious swatching with notes on formula and comparisons with other companies to those who are more known for news. I’m in it for the pretty, folks.

I think I’ll do something in copper next, or red. I’ve got a couple of nudes I haven’t used yet, too. Hm.

Butter London polishes are available in a number of places, including Ulta, assorted small boutiques, and on their site, here. Zoya can also be found at Ulta, but I prefer to buy from them directly, especially when they’re having one of their frequent sales.

All polishes were bought by me, for me, with my own purposes in mind.