I’m Ahna, in my mid-thirties, in school, and permanently mildly cantankerous. :) I have two cats, a LTR, and a number of pet obsessions with various geekly things, plus fashion, nail polish, and Things What Smell Good.

About the name:

Vanitas Rex, literally something like “Empty King”, more figuratively both an oblique reference to a dinosaur (because I love dinosaurs) and vanity, as well as an impression of how I often feel about beauty products. I love them, but that love was fairly recent in appearing and there’s still so much about the vast beauty industry that amuses, baffles, and occasionally distresses me.

Be also forewarned that my idea of what constitutes “beauty” may not match your own. I’m not really that far off the standard in many respects, but I also don’t fall within any particular theme.

Also, as with all blogs, I will be learning as I go along, and this especially includes photography. Currently, I am terrible at it, and primarily focused on using the phone on my camera. I have a small point-and-shoot digital camera, too, but barely even scratch the surface of the settings. Please bear with me as I figure out what’s what and how to use my tools of choice.


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