I’m on vacation this week, so this is going to be a bit perfunctory.

Here’s Rescue Beauty Lounge Jack, from the GOMM collection. It’s a deep green with a subtle turquoise shimmer. I failed at taking really accurate pictures, but here’s what I managed:

It’s a pretty perfect color for fall.

I cannot explain the scratched look, unless they’re sheet marks from my top coat. Bah. This is in full sun, and it really shows the base color perfectly.

Naturally, it looks substantially darker in the shade. The formula was excellent, and this was two coats.

The bottle really shows the shimmer.

I got this directly from Rescue Beauty Lounge. Of special note was that it was two days from making the purchase until they were in my hands. Turn-around is a little longer during pre-sales, but this was as close as I’ve gotten to instant gratification while shopping online. Also, the boxes were signed by RBL’s creator, which was a lovely treat.