May I present Butter London Trustafarian. People, PLEASE.

Look at this holo — look at this shiny, shiny color. This is a part of the Butter London Fall 2012 collection, one of two holos. There are a couple of other colors from this collection that may come home with me later. True to form, I immediately started wishing I had a pink holo to pair it with, because I am apparently really not over pink and green.

Yeah, it’s somewhat the color of cash, indicative of the financial backing of the Trustafarian lifestyle. But whatever, you don’t have to get into the meaning of a name to describe a polish (especially when dealing with Butter London or OPI.) I’m just used to fragrance reviews. ;) I prefer to think of it as a pistachio-sage-limeskin kind of color. It’s greenish and goldish in certain lights and I really think it’s beautiful.

I’m quite impressed at their efforts into this soon-to-be-very-crowded field. The formula is a little thin, but really pretty on par with most holos. Two coats were reasonably opaque, though a third was optimal for getting it to the color it looks in the bottle. It looks much more yellow with one or two. My only complaint is that the drying time is long compared to what I’m used to from other holo polishes. On the other hand, it has quite an impressive shine and sparkle.

It was tough to take this off — after three days (with Butter London base and topcoats), no chipping, no tipwear, it looked perfect. But I just got in some polishes I’ve been really looking forward to, so off it goes. I’ll be wearing it again, and maybe next time I’ll have something to pair with it. Brown might be nice, or a yellow-toned pink or maybe darker green or even a dark red. I’ll think about it.

This and the third photo were in full sunlight. The others were taken all indoors under a bright light.

I bought this at Nordstrom’s, but you can get Butter London polishes from their website, or at many other department stores and boutiques. I’d say that B-L is probably the company I’m most likely to see at gift shops, nurseries (plant-type, not babies) and salons/spas. Their displays lend themselves well to those environments.